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Packages that use XSLTFunction
uk.apl.jxc Contains classes for working with XML. 
uk.apl.jxc.mapper Contains an XML mapper 

Uses of XSLTFunction in uk.apl.jxc

Fields in uk.apl.jxc declared as XSLTFunction
static XSLTFunction[] XSLTFunction.XSLT1_FUNCS
          Array of all XSLT 1.0 functions.
static XSLTFunction[] XSLTFunction.XSLT2_FUNCS
          Array of all XSLT 2.0 functions.

Methods in uk.apl.jxc that return XSLTFunction
static XSLTFunction[] XSLTFunction.getFunctionsForWorkingSpec()
          Returns functions allowed for the current working specification.
static XSLTFunction XSLTFunction.valueOf(java.lang.String name)
          Returns the enum constant of this type with the specified name.
static XSLTFunction[] XSLTFunction.values()
          Returns an array containing the constants of this enum type, in the order they are declared.

Uses of XSLTFunction in uk.apl.jxc.mapper

Methods in uk.apl.jxc.mapper that return XSLTFunction
 XSLTFunction AbstractXMLMapping.getFunction()
          Returns the XSLT function to be applied to the mapping.

Methods in uk.apl.jxc.mapper with parameters of type XSLTFunction
static AbstractXMLMapping AbstractXMLMapping.create(java.lang.String sourcePath, java.lang.String targetPath, java.lang.String condition, XSLTFunction function, java.lang.String defaultValue)
          Factory method that returns the most appropriate AbstractXMLMapping sub-class for the specified arguments.

Constructors in uk.apl.jxc.mapper with parameters of type XSLTFunction
AbstractXMLMapping(java.lang.String sourcePath, java.lang.String targetPath, java.lang.String condition, XSLTFunction function, java.lang.String defaultValue)
          Constructs a new AbstractXMLMapping.
XMLMapping(java.lang.String sourcePath, java.lang.String targetPath, java.lang.String condition, XSLTFunction function)
          Constructs a new AbstractXMLMapping

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