Package uk.apl.jxc.mapper

Contains an XML mapper


Class Summary
AbstractXMLMapping Encapsulates the mapping of an XML element to another schema.
XMLControl AbstractXMLMapping sub-class that causes XMLMapper to iterate over the source document using the XPath selection specified by the sourcePath argument.
XMLDefault AbstractXMLMapping sub-class that causes the XMLMapper to output the defaultValue argument into the leaf element or attribute specified by the targetPath parameter.
XMLMapper Performs a mapping (transformation) of some XML from one schema to another.
XMLMapping Encapsulates the mapping of an XML element to another schema
XMLMappingFileIterator Provides mappings read from a .properties file.

Exception Summary
InvalidMappingException Indicates that an attempt was made to instantiate an AbstractXMLMapping sub-class using illegal input.
XMLMapperException Indicates an exception occurred whilst mapping an XML document.

Package uk.apl.jxc.mapper Description

Contains an XML mapper

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